Friday, March 27, 2009

Whiny McWhiner pants

Sydney's most recent behavior makes me believe that she is beginning the "terrible twos"!
She is not "bad" at all she is just VERY VERY whiny! If she does not want to do something or I have to take something away from her. She freaks out and lays? on the floor and cries. I just walk away because I am not going to be that mom who caters to tantrums. It really is frustrating though. For example today we were eating lunch [mashed potatoes, green beans and mac n cheese mmmmm] and it was leftovers, so I had to heat it up. When I put it in the microwave she strated screaming and freaking out! I told her that I had to heat it up. She is old enough to understand that but she just wants things NOW! Not later! When she wants them. In this situation I did not know what the proper response should have been. I usually do not give her what she wants if she pitches a fit but since it was food [nourishment] I just gave it to her! BUT to my defense I did make her say please! And after she stopped crying I explained to her that using her words was easier that having a tantrum. lol Is this too much for a two year old? She said she understood and for the rest of today, or at least until right now [knock on wood] she has not pitched a fit. So we will see. I would much appreciate any advice about the "terrible twos" if anyone has some.

Anywho, on a lighter note we went to Sydney's first movie EVER! [well, except the one I took her to when she was about four months old but that does not really count!]
We went and saw Monsters Vs Aliens, which was pretty cute.

I laughed at many parts in the movie. The only other mom that was there however, did not laugh at all... hmm. Syd was very good during the movie. She watched almost the whole thing. There was only one time she got up from her seat, walked around for a second, came back and sat down! I was impressed that it kept her attention for an hour and 30 min! Over all today was good. The rain has dampered our Friday a bit because we normally go to the park and have a picinic! I hope it stops raining soon. I want the sun to come out and warm my white pasty skin. ha.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Discovering STICKERS!

Sydney discovered stickers today and of course stuck them ALL over her body. ha ha. She is so silly!
These Disney stickers came in the mail along with one of those "buy 7 Disney movies for five dollars EACH!!!" but then if you buy the 7 movies they keep sending movies you do not want and make you pay for them. When you try to cancel the subscription you have to spend all day on the phone! So, we just took out the stickers bwhahaha!

The stickem on the back of these stickers was kinda strong :/ so after Syd decided sticker time was over she did not like peeling them off so much!

Plus she was watching Caiou (sp?) [I HATE him with a passion of a thousand suns] Of course Sydney loves him...UGGGH!

anyway, we are going to REI today to spend my Dividend and I am excited! woo!
Love, Christina and Syd

A little nonsense now and then, is relished by the wisest men.
-Willy Wonka

Friday, March 20, 2009

Product review for future parents:
Although this product may look super cute and fun all it has caused for Sydney and I is tantrums and mess!(I do not mind the mess as much as having tantrums) It is always fun for a while, and then when Syd wants to color on something other than paper a tantrum ensues.
Here is my little artist. She does exceptional work for a two year old and can already hold regular crayons, markers and other variety of "big girl" writing utensils. However she has a hard time with this so called "marker" which acts more like a paint brush with as much ink comes out at a time. [and I would almost consider this a step back from regular markers...?]

I have hidden these markers numerous time and she always manages to find them. This [My leg] is usually the result of coloring with these markers. For some reason these seem to work better on mommy than on paper and my legs are washable, [at least I hope so lol] so why not? It looks like I murdered someone with my leg. Good thing I do not mind messes.

Anyway, happy Friday to everyone. My weekend consists of HOMEWORK homework HOMEWORK! I will fit a little bit of hanging out with a few good friends of mine :) Even though I have finished both my papers that are due at the end of April. I am trying to be as proactive as possible so April is not so crazy with test, papers and homework!

Love Christina and Sydders

Some books are to be tasted, others to be swallowed, and some few to be chewed and digested: that is, some books are to be read only in parts, others to be read, but not curiously, and some few to be read wholly, and with diligence and attention.
-Sir Frances Bacon

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

cows can be fun too

Sydney has a new animal besides "cuddles" who is a bear and Elmo ... I am sure all of you know who Elmo is. It is a cow and his name as of now is moo. Given to her by Cousin Anne! Thanks Anne!
She slept with "moo" last night and has carried him(?) around every where with her this morning! I think cuddles might be out of a job... the economy is hard on stuffed animals too apparently. It might be time to move on from cuddles because he used to be a cream color... not so much anymore. We even bought another one just in case and cuddles #2 is also a nice tan, just in time for summer! ha. We will see how long this new obsession lasts.

Love Christina and Syd the squid

Monday, March 9, 2009

Like a fish to water

We love to swim! This week is SPRING BREAK at Kennesaw State University so I have all day this week to play with my lil' squid! Today, we woke up and went to the gym. Syd played in the dare care while I got my butt whooped in kick-boxing! Then we went SWIMMING!

As you can see she was very energetic before the one hour swim in the pool! Saying "CHEESE" before every photo. We had to wait six whole minutes until the life guard showed up at 11am! It was the longest six minutes of her little life! Below is a picture of Syd when i asked her how old she was. She screams "TWOOOOOOOOOOO" every time! haha

Trying to get us both in the picture. My face is still red from the kick-boxing!

Finally we got in the pool and all Sydney wanted to do was jump off the side of the pool into the water...needless to say my arms feel like they are about to fall off...

After swimming for a hour she was a little worn out [thank God] and we went home and both took an AWESOME NAP! I love naps! mmmmm! So it is now 5pm and we have had a exciting and exhausting day but it was a blast! I am thinking that tomorrow we will go to the park so I can run a few miles and then play on the playground! How was everyone's weekend? Mine was a blast! Hope every body else's was spectacular as well!

There is always some madness in love. But there is also always some reason in madness.
-Friedrich Nietzsche

I think that there is a little bit of madness in all of us. It is weather we want to admit it or not.

Friday, March 6, 2009

We discovered sand today!!

Today was a exciting day for Syd and I. We woke up and went to a consignment sale to shop for Syd's Summer wardrobe. We got approximately 8ish outfits for .... drum roll please....
oooooooh finding good deals make me so happy! Here is a short preview of some of my favorite pieces! Three cheers for being cheap!

I cannot wait for the warm weather so I can dress her in all her new clothes! Horay! After we had fun shopping we went to the park. After running, jumping and climbing for an hour [and after my knees were raw from crawling through the tubes on the playground] Syd came across the volley ball court and ... SAND!

It took her a bit to get used to it but once she tested it out for a couple minutes, she dove in. She even let me bury her up to her waist! Syd has no legs! eeeek! We were having so much fun until we also experienced our first playground bully!! (GASP) dun dun dun
A little three your old boy named Josh came over to "help" us build sand castles and decided it would be a great idea to kick sand on us! When I nicely asked him to, "please stop" he said back, "It was not me" .... ?!?!?! and continued to kick sand on us! The entire time the little boy is kicking sand on Sydney and I his grandfather was NOT doing anything about it. He was just letting him do it! So I told the Grandpa that he needed to take Josh away to play somewhere else and he did, but not before he gave me a few nasty grandpa faces. Of course I retaliated with, "WHAT?!?! I'll drop you old man right now!!"
Juuuuussst kiddding... but i definitely thought it. Sometimes that is all we can do. Have our little fantasies in our head...Le sigh. I need to know that others have these little fantasies when they are so obviously wronged! Please enlighten me!
BUT Syd enjoyed the sand so much I think that we will have to visit it again soon. Next time we will be prepared with sand castle making equipment! I think we might go to the pool on Monday so expect some swimsuit pictures! :)

I also chose a new layout as all of you might have noticed... What do you think? The teal soothes my eyeballs and it has been said that geniuses pick shades of green so we all know what that means. hah! does teal count as a shade of green? Hopefully...

and now for Christina's [side note: This blog is telling me that "Christina" is spelled wrong and when I clicked on it to see what it thinks I am trying to spell it said.."Christiana"...REALLY? They seriously do not have Christina in their word bank of correctly spelled words? but for some reason have Christiana? what the heck!] quote of the day/week/whenever I find a quote that I enjoy enough to post on here...

"Be courteous to all, but intimate with few, and let those few be well tried before you give them your confidence. True friendship is a plant of slow growth, and must undergo and withstand the shocks of adversity before it is entitled to the appellation."
-George Washington (1732 - 1799)

Much DRAMA has been going on lately and most of you guys know what I am talking about. I just wanted to thank my dear friends who I love and Cherish. <3 DRAMA just Holl-er and I'll send ya the nutshell version! lol!!)

Love, Christina and Sydney!

Monday, February 23, 2009

growing up are we!

The time REALLY does FLY!!

Wow, I just got done procrastinating (well actually I still am). I was reading all of my favorite baby blogs and am remembering how that it was not too long ago that
Syd was that tiny. With tiny fingers and toes.

This picture was taken the day she was born. She was 8lbs 8oz so little. She now
weighs a whopping 32lbs!! She is so heavy and much more of a work out to carry around!

She is so grown up now it seems. She makes choices about what she wants to eat, what shows to watch, and what books to read. Her current favorite movie is "finding Nemo" who for some reason she calls "MaMoo"? She lovesgrilled cheese and Dr.Seuss!

Yesterday she counted to TWENTY!!! I could not believe it! I love watching her growand talking to her about things. When I leave her with my mom to go to school shesays, "bye mommy I lub you have fun" aw. It melts my heart.

Well, I am sick and need a good nights sleep so I must finish this up. I am seriously going to try
to update this more often and post more pictures so those far away from herecan know what lil' Syd and I are up to.