Friday, March 27, 2009

Whiny McWhiner pants

Sydney's most recent behavior makes me believe that she is beginning the "terrible twos"!
She is not "bad" at all she is just VERY VERY whiny! If she does not want to do something or I have to take something away from her. She freaks out and lays? on the floor and cries. I just walk away because I am not going to be that mom who caters to tantrums. It really is frustrating though. For example today we were eating lunch [mashed potatoes, green beans and mac n cheese mmmmm] and it was leftovers, so I had to heat it up. When I put it in the microwave she strated screaming and freaking out! I told her that I had to heat it up. She is old enough to understand that but she just wants things NOW! Not later! When she wants them. In this situation I did not know what the proper response should have been. I usually do not give her what she wants if she pitches a fit but since it was food [nourishment] I just gave it to her! BUT to my defense I did make her say please! And after she stopped crying I explained to her that using her words was easier that having a tantrum. lol Is this too much for a two year old? She said she understood and for the rest of today, or at least until right now [knock on wood] she has not pitched a fit. So we will see. I would much appreciate any advice about the "terrible twos" if anyone has some.

Anywho, on a lighter note we went to Sydney's first movie EVER! [well, except the one I took her to when she was about four months old but that does not really count!]
We went and saw Monsters Vs Aliens, which was pretty cute.

I laughed at many parts in the movie. The only other mom that was there however, did not laugh at all... hmm. Syd was very good during the movie. She watched almost the whole thing. There was only one time she got up from her seat, walked around for a second, came back and sat down! I was impressed that it kept her attention for an hour and 30 min! Over all today was good. The rain has dampered our Friday a bit because we normally go to the park and have a picinic! I hope it stops raining soon. I want the sun to come out and warm my white pasty skin. ha.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

how could she possibly be ay cuter? I am looking forward to babysitting her next week sooo much!

<3 auntie Toria

March 30, 2009 at 2:18 PM  
Blogger "Peanut's Mom" said...

First piece of advice regarding whining - STOP WATCHING CALLIOU!! Ha, HA! Calliou is the ultimate whiny whiner. Matthew loves him as well, but I can't stand that cartoon and I always bypass Calliou when I can. It sounds like you are doing an excellent job so just keep on keeping on and call Aunt Ellen if you want to vent!

April 26, 2009 at 8:24 PM  

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